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Crisis Hotlines

Child Abuse/Neglect: DHS Reporting Line (215) 683-6100

Crisis Response Centers for Substance Abuse/Mental Health Emergencies:
Philadelphia Areas:
     Northeast: Friends Hospital (215) 831-2600
     Northwest, Germantown, & Roxborough: Einstein Hospital at Germantown (215) 951-8300
     North: Temple/Episcopal Hospital (215) 707-2577
     Center City & South: Hall-Mercer/Pennsylvania Hospital (215) 829-5249
     West & Southwest: Mercy Hospital (215) 748-9525
     Children Only: Children’s Crisis Response Center Project at Einstein Hospital (215) 951-8300

Mental Health:
Montgomery County Adult Mobile Crisis: (855) 634-4673 or (634-HOPE).
Philadelphia Mobile Emergency Team (215) 685-6440
Bucks County: Crisis and Emergency Services through Penndel Mental Health Center (215) 785-9765

Rape/Sexual Violence:
Women Organized Against Rape (215) 985-3333
Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline (866) 723-3014

Substance Abuse:
Lighthouse Network 1-877-562-2565

Philadelphia Suicide and Crisis Center (215) 686-4420
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Violent Crime: West/Southwest Philadelphia Victim Services Program (215) 748-7780























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